• ​​Sunday School for all ages (9:30-10:30 AM)

  • Worship Service (10:45 AM)

  • Summer Worship Hour (June to September)

                 10:00 AM with no Sunday School

  • ​Nursery is provided for children under the age of 5 by volunteers with back ground clearances.


Church Services


Christ Presbyterian Church

1300 Maple St  Lebanon PA

Incorporated January 10,  1883

Mission Statement

The people of  Christ Presbyterian Church are a friendly, welcoming congregation who emphasize worship of God above all else.  We also express our worship through Christian education with special emphasis on children, music, communication and fellowship.  Our House of Worship provides a special, worshipful atmosphere that draws others in.

     The Church with the chimes!

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The Church with the chimes!  


Christ Presbyterian Church began as a Sunday School started by Mrs. G. Dawson Coleman previous to 1856, who gathered the children of her own family together with the children of her servants and workmen.  Soon, as more children attended, it was decided to ask some of the neighbors to unite with them and organize a Sunday School.  On February 10, 1856, the school was organized, meeting in the little schoolhouse which stood near the North Lebanon Furnaces.  It was called "The Lebanon Furnace Sunday School".

In 1870 , the cornerstone of a nondenominational church called Christ Chapel was laid.  After the new church was completed, the Sunday School moved from the schoolhouse into the new building.  By 1883 there were 32 teachers and 256 scholars.

April 9, 1872, at Lancaster PA a petition signed by ten members of Presbyterian churches now residing in Lebanon, PA and eight other persons favorable to the project, asking that the Presbytery of Westminister consider organizing a Presbyterian congregation at the sight of the new building.

At the death of her mother in 1894, Miss Fanny B Coleman assumed the care of Christ Presbyterian Church.  She, along with Mr. George Reifsnyder,  was the Board of Trustees. Due to her efforts, both financial and personal, Fanny became a strong leader and much loved person to the congregation.